If you are facing foreclosure, it is typically due to not making your monthly mortgage payments.  The bank has different options they can pursue during the foreclosure process.  One of the options is for the home to be put up for auction at a sheriff sale in Johnson County KS

Clearly, losing your home in any way would be a very unfortunate situation.  We know how hard people have worked to purchase their homes, and sometimes life events can cause our financial situations to change.  If you are facing foreclosure in Johnson County KS and want to prevent your home from being put up for bid at a foreclosure sale in Johnson County KS, here are a few tips on how you can do this. 

  • Challenge the foreclosure in court 
  • Apply for loan modifications or loss mitigation 
  • Reinstate the loan 
  • Pay the balance in full 


You can challenge the foreclosure in a court of law.  Be sure to check any foreclosure papers you received or consult with an attorney.  There will likely be deadlines on when you must respond to the foreclosure.  So, to avoid your home being put up for auction at a sheriff sale in Johnson County KS, be sure to have your plan organized and ready by the dates required. 


If you cannot afford your current mortgage payments, getting a loan modification can help you avoid foreclosure.  A loss mitigation can also allow you to stay in your home.  Just be sure to apply for either a modification or mitigation by the deadlines set forth by both your state and federal law. 

sheriff sale Johnson County KS


If you would like to reinstate your loan, you must first find out the dollar amount required.  You can do get foreclosure help in Johnson County KS by requesting a reinstatement quote or letter from the servicer of the loan.  The quote will need to show the exact amount needed to fulfill the default, and the specific date that this amount is good through.  Make sure you apply for reinstatement by the deadline.   


If you have the funds available to pay your debt in full, that is always a good option.  A zero balance should eliminate the chance of foreclosure or your house being put up for auction at a sheriff’s sale or foreclosure sale in Johnson County KS.


We want to provide a hassle-free and pleasant experience, no matter what service we are providing.  Even if you decide, “I need to sell my house fast in Johnson County KS,Cherry Park Properties can help with that.  For any struggles you’re facing regarding your home, please contact us today at 913-839-2345 to discuss your options.