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Sell My House Fast

Cherry Park Properties LLC provides real opportunities to get you out from under the burden of foreclosure. One way we can assist you through financial hardship is by helping you sell your house fast in Johnson County. We have decades of experience with Kansas foreclosure laws by offering cash or helping families keep their homes. Our team is educated in assisting people who ask the question, “How Can I Sell My House Fast in Johnson County?” and then guide them through the foreclosure process.  

Are you struggling financially, causing you to be behind on mortgage payments? Do you foresee bankruptcy in your future? You may think about listing your home with a real estate agent; however, that can take too long to get you the solution you need. Cherry Park Properties LLC helps homeowners facing financial hardship. We are your local, friendly real estate investment team focused on helping individuals sell their house fast in Johnson County. Contact us at 913-839-2345 to discuss your options and how Cherry Park Properties LLC can assist. 


Not every company has the best intentions when it comes to real estate investment. Many companies will push you to sell your house fast in Johnson County without giving you all the correct information. It would be best if you stay vigilant about which company you choose and protect your assets from a possible scam 

Red Flags From a Company Trying to Scam You:

  • A Company or Individual Only Using a P.O Box and Not a Physical Address 

    • Ensure the Physical Address They Give is Not a UPS Store 
  • You Are Pressured to Make a Quick Decision 

    • Scammers DNot Want to Give You Time to Think 
  • You Are Told to Keep IA Secret 

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Always Keep Documents and Clear Records of Conversations 

  • Research the Individual and Company for Credibility 

  • Take Your Time to Make Decisions 

  • Ask Questions 


 If eligible, a homeowner might consider filing bankruptcy to save their home from foreclosure. When filing for bankruptcy, homeowners have two basic options. The first is a Chapter Seven Bankruptcy – often referred to as liquidation bankruptcy. In this type of bankruptcy, all non-exempt assets of the homeowner are subject to being liquidated for the benefit of the homeowner’s creditors. The second option is a Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy, which allows the homeowner(s) to propose a plan to the creditors to make payments over a period of time.  

In both bankruptcy situations, if there is a foreclosure against the home and it has not been sold at sheriff’s sale, the bankruptcy filing stops (stops at least temporarily, in most cases 30 days in Chapter seven) the foreclosure. This gives the homeowner some time to get to the bank to agree to a payment plan designed to catch up on the mortgage and eventually re-establish a good creditor-debtor relationship.  

There are many people and entities like Cherry Park Properties LLC  in the business of purchasing rights of redemption. The homeowner whose residence is in foreclosure may be approached several times to purchase their redemption rights.  

Keep in mind that the equity on the property in Kansas is nearly always exempt from being taken to help creditors that do not have lien rights to the home (e.g., credit card debt). This means that even in bankruptcy, the homeowner has redemption rights that can be sold, the proceeds from which cannot be taken by such creditors. 

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